We Are Golden!
by Gerard J. Surprenant

We Are Golden....

A half a century has flown since we strolled the halls of

                                                                             Palmer High

Where we worked, played, won, lost —

Not knowing what we did not know —

As with Yeats, “…in reverie, with the immortality of dreams

                                                         in our pilgrim souls,”

We took with us precious lessons on our crusade of life.

Our captivity ransomed by degrees, service and life itself,

We followed every burning star wished upon,

Searching for something to do, someone to love

                                                        and a future to hope for.

Here, grayed by time, wiser by experience and portioned

                                                       with happiness and peace,

Together, once again,

         Unafraid of the future,

                        With feet deeply planted in the past

                                And our minds absorbed by the present,


There resides in us a bond,

        Unbroken by time,

                     Strengthened by memories,

                                   And shared with fondness.

Our history  . . . . .

We are the Class of 1960 . . . . . We are Golden.

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