by Gerard J. Surprenant

We took a trip to a farm today,
The kids in Kindergarten from JFK.
We took a bus. Rode all the way
And got to spend a half of the day.

We rode in a wagon filled with hay,
Me and Bobby and Joan and silly Renee,
To the top of a hill where, I'm told, they say
Johnny Appleseed stopped by one fine Spring day.

There were apple trees growing everywhere and around
With apples on branches and some on the ground.
We had to make sure each one of us found
At least two, one of which we just had to gulp down.

The other was for our cider to make
And after a taste, a short walk we did take.
All into the barn, all in with a shake,
To see some small animals, me and Carol and Jake.

After seeing the chickens and petting the goat,
We all got a sticker to put on our coat
We got on the bus, not a car, not a boat
And went back to school, where this poem I wrote.

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