by Gerard J. Surprenant

We found a rope my two friends and I.
Long enough to reach the sky.
From end to end two held it firm
And flipped it up and made it squirm.

The two on ends with grips of steel
Gave the rope a twirl, and then a reel.
They flipped it up, then round and round
'Til bees were asking, "What's that sound?"

It looked amazing to see it twirl
My friends dared me, "Give it a whirl!"
So as it turned, I leapt inside
The whirling rope. Took it in stride!

The faster it spun, the faster it went.
The quicker it turned, the quicker it sent
The jumping, the skipping, the turning, the spinning
All merging in one 'til I started grinning.

Then giggles and laughter,
And silliness, thereafter,
Caused me to tumble,
Feet and rope in a-jumble.

We rolled on the ground. We rolled all around.
The joy that we had with the rope that we found
Was simple and fun, as fun as could be
With a rope that we found, my two friends and me.

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