Color Blind
by Gerard J. Surprenant

What are these circles colored so
In rounded hues of red and green?
A test to prove, to let us know
That what you see isn't really seen.

My friend, you know you caused a stir
In proclaiming your delusion.
When told you viewed, without a blur,
Strange sights in plaid profusion.

Your statements bold, of orange sod,
And matching hues of clover.
Imagine consternation, Clod,
Of Irish sons, world over?!

For quite some time all thought you fair,
Though on occasion dressed
In flagrant violations, Dare!
An Easter Egg, at best.

The final straw, the camel strained,
Momentous the announcement.
We waited with our necks all craned
This glorious pronouncement.

This Christmas time, unlike the past,
A change was quite in store.
No real tree, it doesn't last
And the needles are a chore.

You'd opt, this time, for a plastic one.
They look so real, you know.
And last and last, they're never done,
Just like the red ones in the snow.

Our ears, we know, did not deceive us
And our minds could not conceive
A tree not cut from Nature's surplus,
But machine-made; there's NO reprieve!

A tree with color so oblivious
To the natural order we all know.
We cast you out! It's no longer frivolous!
Spend your Christmas in the purple snow!

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