A Mother and Her Frog

As the sun set gently about the pond
You could hear a frog mom's plea.
"Oh, froggy child, it's time to rest
So a bull frog you will be."

"But Mother dear I cannot sleep
I've still so much to see.
Can't I just spend a bit more time
To search the pond", asked he?

"You're much too young," said mother frog,
To wander in the dark.
T'was not so long ago my 'wog'
Was no bigger than a spark.

Now tell me, froggy, what has you
So fresh and so inspired
That you would want to wander and
At night, I must inquire?"

"Oh Mother when I started out,
I fell off of a log
And swam to where I once began
As a tiny polywog.

I saw the cat tails overhead
Bowing to the morning breeze
And dragon flies with damsels
Dancing all, in the sun with ease.

The butterflies, they fluttered by
And smiled as they went past.
I spied some humming birds with wings
A-blur, they were so fast.

The water bugs skimmed oer the pond
Like skaters on a rink
And sporting fish leaped after them
More food than sport, I think.

Now night has fallen oer the pond
And more wonders I would seek
To satisfy my questions
Of what happens when I sleep.

I hear tales of fire in the sky
From flies with wings of lace
Of sparkling jewels that light the night
And a moon with smiling face.

Of creatures singing songs of love
To ones so far away;
I want to learn those songs of love,
If I'm to sing one day.

I want to learn what is to learn
And see what is to see.
I need to feel a part of
What is going to be part of me."

"I understand", said Mother Frog,
"The need to learn is strong.
Although, to let you wander off
Would truly be so wrong.

I must insist to be with you
While you make your nighttime quest
Perchance to even teach you
The things that I know best."

Together, they hopped swimingly
Both Mother Frog and child.
Into the darkness of the pond
Both learning, both beguiled.

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